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                  The Mythological Story of the Tsodilo Hills

                                                                       “Long time ago when the rocks were still soft, wet and when

                                                                                   the animals talked, Tsodilo Hills was a  family made

                                                                            up of husband, wife and two children. Later on there was

                                                                            a conflict between the  Husband and Wife, which at the

                                                                        end, she left the husband alone after the wife divorced and                                                                                                                                         moved with both two kids, and later the younger child later  returned to the father

                                     whilst the old child  remained near the mother.” That’s why we find this hills positioned in that form,

                                       each hill having  unique human creative artistic skills and ability all represented by the special rock arts. 


                                                                                        "From our Past into our Future"


                                                   Did you Know?

 - "This spillway is the only waterway which connects the high density of the Okavango delta’s

                                                  waters to the dry Linyanti water system and ultimately the Zambezi  River."


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